Engagements | Weddings | Anniversaries:

  • We offer multiple car options and wedding specials . You can choose to drive one of our Exotic or Luxury cars yourself and arrive at your wedding in style. 

  • Driving in an exotic or luxury car on your wedding day makes it so much more special. 

  • This is the extra special touch to wow your guests and arrive in style.

Proms | Graduations | Birthday Parties:

  • This is a great idea to either arrive at your party in style or spend the night driving the city in one of our rentals. 

  • Park the car in front of the venue , have your guests take pictures and make this day a bit more memorable.

  • We can arrange a florist to decorate one of our cars and make it the centerpiece of your party.

Corporate events | Business Use

  • Vehicle delivery and pickup services 

  • Exotic & Luxury Car Weekly / Monthly Rentals

  • Custom Company logo on our Rental Cars for marketing purposes.

TV Production | Music Video Production

  • We offer our entire fleet for photo and video production at the most affordable rates.

  • We can offer you a delivery service to your shoot

  • Make your video stand out.

Photo Shoots | Modeling 

  • Use our vehicles to make your photo shoot more memorable

  • Stand out on your social media by taking a picture with our exotic cars
  • Make your video stand out.



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